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Our Clients:

Our Clients

Clients Speak:

"We are really happy with Product designs services provided by Product Engineering Solutions (PES) Company I am positive we will use them once more."

- Steve Ailey

"The teams at Product Engineering Solutions are extremely simple to work with. They take great paces to make sure that the input of the customers are listened to and worked into the generally design."

- Norman Benton

"PES team is easy and expert to work with. They have handled the improvement process from the voice of the client to ended project in an outstanding approach."

- Luther Clinton

"Product Engineering Solutions Company has been a great supplier for product services."

- Jacqueline Deskey

"We found them very useful in increasing new products and allowing us to take them to market very fast."

- Ralph Evans

"Good job on offering the product solution services on-time."

- Gerald R. Foster

" delivered giant products and appreciably improved our service levels."

- James N. Joplin

"Client support is always useful in providing information, services and release times."

- Marquis Kossuth

"I appreciate the commitment and excellent responsiveness."

- Nick Luther

"Very professional and qualified team that is client oriented and struggles to distribute a quality product services."

- Marianne C. Mathewson

Product Design and Development Services

The most important and exhaustive effort in your business could be the designing and development of a new product engineering which you want to put into the market and start earning profits. It is naturally true because the methods of designing and development need strong detail and objectivity in the specifications related to product quality, size & shape, aesthetics (appearance) and manufacturing techniques.

Our Product Design and Development Services:

Product Design and Development
  • Component engineering, design calculation
  • Design analysis - VOC, QFD, DFMEA
  • Digital mockup assembly
  • CAD modeling and detailing
  • Value engineering and cost reduction
  • Design maintenance (sustaining engineering)
  • Failure analysis
  • Design standardization and rationalization
  • Reverse Engineering
  • ECO and ECN management
  • Design Porting: Redesign for material change, process change, packaging

We have ver 10 years of experience in industrial product design, electronic product Design, innovative product design, contemporary product design, consumer product design, medical product design. Our mechanical engineers have complemented client's effort to fulfill their Product Design and Engineering requirements.

Advantages of Product Design and Engineering Services:

We provide different services like Concept design, aesthetics & ergonomics, design for functionality, value engineering, reverse engineering, CAD modeling, GD&T, manufacturing drawings, Tolerance stack-up Analysis, Snap fit validation studies, Rapid Prototyping (FDM, SLA, SLS, rapid tooling, soft tooling), Process optimization, Market Competitiveness and Product Innovation.

We cater to different sectors and industries – automotive, aerospace, manufacturing processes, healthcare, heavy metal, oil and gas, textile and much more.

Different methods can determine how much you spend on product production because the cost of each activity can adopt any value depending upon the approach adopted for it.

Our highly experienced and Profit-driven Design Team takes every project as a challenge of Cost-minimization. It is their cumulative experience of more than 10 years that helps them generate most beneficial product design methods using all modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools.

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